Staking is the process where a cryptocurrency P.O.S (Proof of Stake) wallet stakes a sum of coins when broadcasting to the network that the transaction they are processing is true and not malicious. If the network agrees on the verdict, the verifying wallet will receive a reward in the form of coins on the associated blockchain network. 

Why Choose Raspberry Pi Instead Of Laptop

Size really does matter. In this case, smaller is better. Thanks to our friends IIT Kanpur, the below graph is a demonstration of the immense efficiency the Pi can over other everyday devices. (http://home.iitk.ac.in/~vikasm/cs300/4B/4B.pdf)

To earn the most from staking, spending less on power is the easiest way to increase profits. The team at StakeSafe want you to earn the most from P.O.S systems and we feel that offering easy access to Raspberry Pi tech is the best way in achieving this goal.


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