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*StakeSafe does not guarantee interest earnt. Interest for each coin may vary and StakeSafe does not have control on developer/market actions.

**All raspberry pi's are set up using third party software in which StakeSafe does not own or has not developed. Staking Coins

Transaction Verification Services

StakeSafe - Providing Transaction Verification Services

The popularity of cryptocurrency has risen over the last couple of years with experts saying this trend will continue to rise. One form of currency is POS coins. To put it simply, POS coins work by a very simple formula: everyone's stakes their coins to verify everyone else’s transactions. Some people may argue about POS’s security, although it hasn’t been broken yet. But that is where StakeSafe comes in. Here at StakeSafe, we have focused our expertise and business around POS coins. We have partnered with some of the leading authorities in the industry to provide transaction verification services to make your POS transactions safe and secure.


If you would like to learn more about our transaction verification services, contact us today or go to our website at

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