NebliDex: The first and only decentralized exchange for Neblio. Trade NEBL for Bitcoin, Litecoin and NTP1 tokens.

NebliDex is a novel cryptocurrency exchange powered by the Neblio blockchain and with support of the NTP1 protocol. This exchange allows users to trade NEBL for other cryptocurrencies on other blockchains via a trust-less platform and in an automated fashion.

Unlike traditional centralized platforms such as Binance and Kucoin, NebliDex is decentralized which means there are no central servers that hold on to your NEBL. You retain full control of your wallet at all times.

NebliDex has its own token that is used on the platform by both TNs and CNs (refer whitepaper for an in-depth explanation) and its function is critical to the operation of NebliDex. This token is called the NebliDex token (symbol: NDEX) and is built on the Neblio blockchain using NTP1 (Neblio Token Protocol 1).

NebliDex tokens are used by the NebliDex exchange to determine who can be a Critical Node. They are also used by NebliDex to complete a trade. Critical Nodes must have a certain amount of NebliDex tokens in their wallet in order to be considered a CN (ie validate transactions). For each validation, a CN is rewarded with a certain amount of NebliDex tokens from both the buyer and the seller for facilitating the transaction. 

StakeSafe has partnered with NebliDex to allow the crypto community to seamlessly purchase and run either a TN and/or CN without having to learn how to securely code and configure a Raspberry Pi. 




MiningStore: One of Australia's largest crypto mining eCommerce stores focusing on 6, 8, 12 GPU mining rig sales, trading lesson teachings, community assistance chat support and much more. 

Mining Store specializes in the sales, set-up/configuration and servicing of crypto-currency mining rigs while offering support packages to the mining rig users. Currently, MiningStore offers 3 sizes of mining rigs, all interchangeable with different GPU brands.

The online community that surrounds Mining Store is a vital element that forms the cultural foundation for the company. Discussions in their personal discord channel range from community advice, servicing advice, knowledge sharing from industry leading experts, trading help and much more. 

StakeSafe has partnered with MiningStore to grant the crypto community a complete ecosystem of crypto-currency tech, support, and services. With the vast and constant upgrades and changes happening to POS, DPOS, and POW coins, having access to state-of-the-art tech products and up to date advice can be difficult. This difficulty is the founding reason behind the idea to combine both companies expertise and to create the infrastructure for both experienced crypto-enthusiasts and new non-tech orientated investors to gain the knowledge and support that they seek. 


Community Discord Channel:


Radium: A decentralized blockchain service provider utilizing a modified Proof-Of-Stake utility token to deliver services that enhance security, productivity, and organizational transparency. 

Radium is building a suite of decentralized services to assist in fostering the trust and security that the Internet lacks in order to allow innovation to flourish in today’s complex environment. In our modern environment, it can be difficult to differentiate fake content, spam, and bots from real people.  Radium provides a platform where users can use cryptographic proofs to positively identify themselves while interacting online.

The growing list of blockchain secured functions available to Radium users include cryptographically managed identities, public voting, file signatures, and proof-of-ownership, and immutable text notes.

StakeSafe has partnered with Radium to provide direct technical assistance to all crypto enthusiasts, new or experienced. StakeSafe will be working with Radium to help ease new investors into operating safe and secure staking wallets. Radium's staking wallet is the fundamental foundation for the Radium transactional network. StakeSafe aims to increase the networks decentralization via the spread of nodes around the world. 




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