$100 USD / Coin
(Coins are for educational purposes only)

All holders of these tokens will be entitled to the following:

1) Automatic enrollment into the StakeSafe lottery

2) Free Pi building advice and guides, provided by our lead technician

3) Crypto-currency rewards distributed to all token holders equal to their share over total share. Rewards will be sent free 'educational' tokens, allowing the receivers of the coin/tokens to use the technology within the natural ecosystem of the coin/token and to help with global adoption. The educational tokens will be provided at random and in random quantities to coin holders. Whether you believe in the crypto tech or are in it for the long term portfolio gain, holding these token may or may not prove financially beneficial, but we guarantee the winners will learn about the respective token.


- StakeSafe will also be issuing information regarding the respective lottery token/coin to the winner as a bonus package.  

- 50% of each StakeSafe coin purchase will be returned to the lottery pool allowing for new and old holders of the StakeSafe token to be in the chance to win the lottery. You only have to win 2 lotteries to get your money back!

- StakeSafe tokens will be distributed via the Neblio Token platform, therefore all holders of the StakeSafe token will need to create a Neblio wallet. See https://orion.nebl.io for instructions on how to create a web wallet. 

- The StakeSafe token is not a security or financial instrument and is not to be used in the purchase or transfer of items, fiat currencies, commodities and/or other assets with financial value. The StakeSafe token is an education instrument, allowing the holders to gain access to rewards and learnings provide by StakeSafe, and by StakeSafe only. 

- The StakeSafe coin has chosen to utilize blockchain technologies, specifically public ledger networks. The Neblio blockchain has been chosen due to Neblios specific simplicity and high encryption capabilities. 


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