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Want to try before you buy? New to Crypto? StakeSafe is here to help. We offer top quality merchandise at unbeatable prices. Our customer service is unmatched, and we stock all the latest and greatest items. Purchase a loaned node now to start your journey. 

Purchase a Loan-A-Node package for $5/week and learn the basics of staking on a Raspberry Pi Own your wallet keys today!

Valid for 52 weeks

• 1x StakeSafe Pi 3 | Pre-configured | Plug and Play

• Don't trust a 3rd party staking pool or platform.

• With StakeSafe, you own your keys, you own your coins!

• After 1 year, You keep the staking unit.

• Gain 1x StakeSafe token upon purchase of paid plan (Worth $100)

Note: Package not applicable to Windows OS Staking Hub. Offer is only applicable to Raspberry Pi staking units.

Cancel your loan anytime by returning the node to StakeSafe. Loan payments are only cancelled upon return delivery of node to StakeSafe headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.


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