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Bitcoin Mining

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Bitcoin Mining

The popularity of crytpocurrencies within the last year was partnered by a corresponding growth in Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining was one of the biggest trends last year and experts see that this trend will continue to grow. The main takeaway for many people who have invested in Bitcoin mining is the potential to be rewarded with valuable bitcoin tokens. These bitcoin tokens are a motivating factor for people to assist in legitimizing and supporting the Bitcoin network and its blockchain. The value of one bitcoin neared $10,000 US dollars. The problem with Bitcoin mining is that is utilizes a lot of energy. Bitcoin’s “mining” network uses more electricity in a year than the whole of Ireland.


The world of cryptocurrencies is growing into what non-tech investors would call a ‘ technological maelstrom’. If you would like more information about Bitcoin mining, contact the experts at StakeSafe.

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