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*StakeSafe does not guarantee interest earnt. Interest for each coin may vary and StakeSafe does not have control on developer/market actions.

**All raspberry pi's are set up using third party software in which StakeSafe does not own or has not developed. Staking Coins

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income via your new pre-configured as a Plug-and-Play unit.

Raspberry Pi 4 (1GB, 2GB, 4GB RAM)

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StakeSafe: Making Crypto Simple

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Our Products and Services

One stop shop to purchasing pre-configured and secured Raspberry Pi's. Just plug in and run the wallet file for immediate access to passive rewards*.

Not sure how to update your wallet? Raspberry Pi experiencing technical issues? Subscribe to our Community Program for 1-to-1 assistance. 

Add on to your StakeSafe experience buy purchasing accessories for your staking unit. Heat sinks, backup SD cards, and power sources are crucial in maintaining a safe and efficient staking unit.


Our Mission Statement:

Electricity prices are a major influencer when talking about mining or staking cryptocurrencies. As an Australian company, we know first hand the strain on financial resources that high energy costs can cause. So to bring a solution to everyone's front door, StakeSafe: Crypto was created. 


Our goal is to bring simple and efficient avenues to the masses where someone with little computer/IT background can set up cryptocurrency wallets and stake their personal coins. The Raspberry Pi's inherent efficient design allows staking wallets to be run 24/7 while only using a fraction of the power when compared to laptops and desktop computers. 


'Trust' is the biggest issue within the crypto-verse currently due to exchange hacks and ICO scams. That's why the team at StakeSafe have obtained an ABN (Australian Business Number), to offer transparency to the market and show that we are a business that is open to the public. (ABN: 37132214115)


For more information regarding staking** and interest earnt*, read through the listed cryptocurrencies below. For more information about what staking is all about, click on 'Find out more'.   

Supported Coins/Tokens

Neblio: Next Generation Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Neblio is an open-source blockchain solutions platform for businesses; a secure, distributed, platform built for enterprise applications and services running on the Neblio blockchain network. Neblio allows 10% ROI via the QT staking wallet. 


Reddcoin is the social currency that makes digital currency easy for the general public. It achieves this by integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money rewarding for everyone.


TrezarCoin ( TZC ) is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that offers both private and transparent transaction types. TrezarCoin payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain private.

NavCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of NavCoin is carried out collectively by the network; sometimes known as a privacy coin.


Qtum is a hybrid blockchain application platform. Qtum's core technology combines a fork of bitcoin core, an 'Account Abstraction Layer' allowing for multiple 'Virtual Machines' including the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Proof-of-Stake consensus aimed at tackling industry use cases.

QTUM: The Blockchain Made Ready For Business.


Easy and simple identity management and verification services including secure voting, file signing, and proof-of-ownership coupled with energy efficient, Proof-of-Stake protocol.

Radium Core: The Blockchain Secured Identity Management Platform.


NebliDex is the world's first Neblio blockchain decentralized exchange for trading Neblio, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Premier NTP1 tokens with no payment gateway.

NebliDex: A Decentralized Neblio  Exchange


Stratis offers simple and affordable end-to-end solutions for development, testing and deployment of native C# blockchain applications on the .Net framework.


Their enterprise-grade development platform nStratis is a simple and affordable end-to-end solution for native C# and .Net blockchain applications: solutions tailored exactly to your specific needs – at very competitive rates. Their proprietary blockchain combines the latest advances in security and stability of Bitcoin with the latest breakthroughs in network speed, scalability and customization.

Stratis: We make blockchain easy for you.


PinkCoin is a cryptocurrency designed as a charitable platform from a company of the same name in Vancouver. Based on the blockchain, it is a PoW/PoS coin that uses the X11 hashtag algorithm

Pinkcoin: The world’s most advanced blockchain based donation platform for social impact


Phore Blockchain enables the transfer of value across an accessible, standardized ecosystem that is secure, flexible and scalable. The platform supports a variety of applications and ventures which accord a growing range of capabilities including:​

Phore: Delivering Blockchain Technology to the Real World


RPICoin is a blockchain technology enabled open-source and privacy focused digital currency. It is a technological innovation which is being run by smart tech gurus who believe in the future of Blockchain.


RPICoin is a PIVX fork (an improvement on the PIVX source). To maintain the health and security of the blockchain, RPI will reward users for participating in the network by using the Proof of Stake mechanism.

RPIcoin: Proof-of-Stake 3.0


A decentralized cryptocurrency combined with a state of the art business software can generate a unique opportunity for business owners to thrive in a country with a struggling economy.


Syndicate is a community coin and every new project based on this platform will be decided by vote though our Governance Platform.

Syndicate: A Decentralised Business Platform


Aegeus, pronounced 'Ay-Gus' means 'Protection' or 'Shield' in Greek. 
Based on PIVX, Aegeus is a Proof of Stake coin that provides instant and secure transactions across its network. 
Aegeus has a primary focus on secure data storage and distribution using IPFS and custom built protocols.​

Aegeus: A New Era of Data Management


Solaris is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency focused on privacy, innovation and advancement of technology. Its environmentally friendly consensus protocol and supporting masternode network establishes


Solaris as a secure, decentralized, self-sustaining, and privacy-focused cryptocurrency with instant transactions for everyday use.

Solaris: Security, Privacy, Liberty


EUNO is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency that looks to become a leading payment medium in tomorrow’s cashless society by supporting near field communication (NFC) mobile payments in everyday purchases as well as wallet to wallet transactions, through secure and easy to use applications. 

EUNO  was developed with the aim of tapping into core elements that have so far hindered public use, while not compromising the key features that make cryptocurrencies a revolutionary technology: decentralized, trust-less, immutable, and incorruptible.

EUNO: From the community. For the community

Euno Logo Square.jpg

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At StakeSafe, we are constantly looking for new coins to be added to our supported staking unit section. If you have information or a suggestion on a specific coin, please send the team a message. 

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